Apple is a recommended character from Inanimate Insanity. Throughout Season 1, she was enemies with Marshmallow, but in Season 2, Apple and Marshmallow figured out why they hated each other, and became friends. However, Apple is a bit to clingy to her, which annoys Marshmallow. In Season 1, Apple was eliminated on Season 1, Episode 14. In Season 2, Episode 6, it is revealed that Apple was simply using Marshmallow to get further into the game Because of this, Apple has the 3rd Most Elimination Votes in an Object Show, at 2,045 votes, second being Cheesey, at 2,605 votes, and 1st being Soap at 2663 votes. However, in episode 11 it was revealed Bow's ghost was possessing her. After learning this, Marshmallow made amends with Apple. She also appears in Object Universe in episode 4 when Ice Cream made her run for her. She beat Basketball and joined the game. She, along with the other contestants died and was eliminated in episode 7. She didn't rejoin in episode 9 of Object Universe.