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Battle For BFDI is the fourth season of Battle for Dream Island. It is hosted by Four, who previously appeared in X Finds Out His Value, an educational video by jacknjellify. The show follows 64 contestants, some new, some old, in a competition to win a "BFDI." The first episode, Getting Teardrop to Talk, was released on November 3rd, 2017.

The season also contains all the contestants from previous shows and most of the failed debuters.


Elimination Order

Rejoins and debuts will effect the placings of the table.

Elimination table
Contestant Eliminated Episode Placing Vote Count
Pencil BFB 2: Lick Your Way To Freedom 64th (currently) 4,595
Leafy BFB 3: Why Would You Do This On a Swingset rejoined 6,926
Bracelety BFB 4: Today's Very Special Episode 63rd (currently) 9,168
Liy BFB 5: Fortunate Ben 62nd (currently) 7,553
Roboty BFB 6: Four Goes Too Far 61st (currently) 8,254
Loser BFB 7: The Liar Ball You Don't Want 60th (currently) 12,062
8 Ball BFB 8: Questions Answered 59th (currently) 4,814
Stapy BFB 9: This Episode Is About Basketball 58th (currently) 9,028
David BFB 10: Enter the Exit 57th (currently) 11,292
A Contestant Rejoined. BFB 11: Get to the Top in 500 Steps N/A N/A
Match BFB 12: What Do You Think of Roleplay? 56th (Currently) 12,758


  • BFB is the first object show to be animated in its style, much like how Paper Puppets was the first show to be made in its form.
  • The prize of BFB is referred to as "A BFDI."