Deodorant (or Deo) is a contestant in Last Object Standing. He is teamed up with Team Gentlemen. According to himself, he is an internet prankster.

He debuts in Look At All Those Idiots. When he is first shown, it appears he is dead, but when Virtual Boy tries to check his pulse, he scares him. Later during the introductions, Ferrero Rocher took a picture of him and Cologne and claimed that they were in a relationship. Due to being a boy, he was placed on Team Gentleman. He is later chased by 50p with a knife for playing a prank on him.

In Chicken Neck Hunting he, along with everyone else, is woken up by Pineapple's dubstep. During the challenge, he is pushed into the chicken stock by the feminist. Later, 50p uses the stick from the feminist to pull him, Pineapple, and Cartridge up, accidentally knocking the stick into the chicken stock. After Siren fails to launch 50p to the top of the wall, Deo asks why he didn't grab the top. 50p angrily tells him that he has no arms, only teeth and Deo looks at his teeth, which are disgusting. Deo asks the last time he brushed his teeth, to which 50p responds by taking out a knife and pointing it at him. After 50p pulls another knife on Cartridge, Deo asks how he can hold his knives if he has no arms, causing 50p to drop them. After getting past the quiz (by breaking down the gate) Deo and everyone else are forced to eat chicken necks instead of churros. Since Team Gentleman won the challenge, he wasn't at elimination. Due to Last Object Standing being cancelled, he has not appeared since.