The Flower Speaker Box was a speaker box made by Flower. It's pink and yellow, much like Flower herself. It has a similar personality to Flower, being rude and mean. In Don't Pierce My Flesh, she and Firey Speaker Box were the two hosts. In Hurtful!, she was destroyed by Flower herself when she threw a bowling ball at Firey Speaker Box, who jumped over it, causing it to hit Flower Speaker Box and destroying it.


Don't Pierce My Flesh

Flower Speaker Box was one of the two hosts to substitute the Announcer, since he is dead. She argued against Firey Speaker Box between "A beauty contest" or "To escape the volcano". However, Flower only voted for Flower Speaker Box's suggestion. After "To escape the volcano" challenge, she decided to do the tie-breaker of her game, she chose Flower amongst the most beautiful while Firey Speaker Box chose Firey.

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