OJ (short for Orange Juice) is a contestant on Inanimate Insanity. He has a normal personality and REALLY does not like to be back-stabbed, even a little bit. He has a problematic relationship with Salt, who loves him dearly, but freaks OJ out. He used to be friends with Bomb, but when Bomb betrays him in Episode 10 of Season 1, OJ hates on him and quits from the alliance with Pickle and Taco, despite Bomb acting as though nothing happened. OJ then befriends Paper after Paper asks if they could be in an alliance together, without Bomb. Although Paper backstabs OJ multiple times in Season 1, OJ is okay with it, as it is caused by Paper having an evil side as well as a good side. There is one time when Paper unknowingly betrays OJ, when he hoards orange juice when OJ desperately needed it. However, Paper apologized to OJ, and let him win the contest in Episode 15 of Season 1. After Paper was eliminated in Episode 16, along with Pickle, OJ went on to defeat Taco and win the first season of Inanimate Insanity.

OJ appears in Season 2, Episode 1, where it is shown that OJ spent the $1,000,000 on a hotel called Hotel OJ for everyone, except Balloon, of course. When MePhone4 comes to visit and tell everyone about the new Season 2, MePhone's plane crashes into Hotel OJ, and OJ explodes from shock. OJ did not get chosen to compete in Season 2, which OJ is fine with, as he had already won Season 1. In Season 2, Episode 7, it was revealed that the eliminated contestants were being hoarded in a closet inside Hotel OJ. OJ sues MePhone for this, and wins, sending MePhone to jail for a whole day. While MePhone is gone, OJ takes over hosting duties and does a terrible job at it. He picked Suitcase to be eliminated, and forces all the contestants to clean up Hotel OJ (except Soap, who would've done it anyway since she loves cleaning so much), and then says that it wasn't the contest.


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