OCR will be likely canceled due to TheGuestStudios not having a youtube profile.

Object Craziness Returns (OCR)

OCR will be a upcoming (maybe cancelled) Object show by a Robloxian called TheGuestStudios.

"I think that Object Craziness Returns will be the best object show to be made ever." TheGuestStudios, 1/7/15


The cast of the show will likely be a crossover of BFDI, BFDIA, II1, II2 and B.O.T.O.

Some will be competiting and some will not.

Here's the cast:

  • Pencil
  • Match
  • Ice Cube
  • Needle (or Needy)
  • OJ
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Bomb
  • Trophy (the Jock)
  • Knife (the Jerk)

and many, many more.


  • Needle will not mind being called Needy by friends.
  • Yin- Yang might compete but he might not.
  • There is going to be 2 hosts: The Announcer as the Co-Host and MePhone4 as the main host.
  • There may be a link to all the contestants.
  • If TheGuestStudios can not make OCR, it will most likely be made by AnimationEpic (Maker of Inainimate Insanity 1 and 2)
  • The names of Episode 3 were swaped around 3 times: 1st was Mr. Needy then Don't call me Needy and the annual name was Needle 'n' Needy.

Episode Names

Episode 1: Contestantants Combine! (3 Parts)

Episode 2: Nothin' but a Cake

Episode 3: Needle 'n' Needy

Episode 4: April Prankster!

Episode 5: Up to The Summit of Likley Mountain (4 Parts)

and on and on (till episode 30 comes by)