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Object Overload is an object show created by XanyLeaves. In it, 31 contestants compete for $1,000,000. So far, 6 episodes have been released, and there is a preview for Episode 7 available. Originally, there


Gamey, the host of Object Overload.

was only 27 contestants, but in Episode 3, 4 more contestants (Locky, Fly Swat, Tiki, and Television) joined the game. In the reboot, Disc, Locky, Pearly, and Ping Pong Ball got cut, and Pumpkin joined in the reboot.

The Cast

The following are the contestants that compete on Object Overload

Note: 1 indicates contestants that only appeared in the first season. 2 indicates contestants that only appear in the reboot.


The following is a list of episodes in Object Overload. For more information, see the Episodes of Object Overload page.

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