Pickle is a contestant on Inanimate Insanity.


He is known to be kind with everyone else but Balloon. In Season 1, he forms an alliance with Orange Juice, Bomb, and Taco. He is very fond of Taco, even when he learns that Taco was really just using him this whole time. He originally does not like Knife, due to him being a jerk, but on Season 2, Episode 7, Knife changes his attitude and tells Pickle some helpful advice. Although Knife says he was just talking about the game they were playing, Pickle understands the truth about Knife and what he said and probably likes him now. He comes in 4th place in Season 1, being eliminated on Episode 16. For Season 2, Pickle was one of the contestants that didn't rejoin, but he does reappear for Season 2, Episode 7. Pickle is bland, at least sometimes. Pickle also has a girlfriend named Cucumber, who is just an inanimate object.


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