Pin is a contestant on Battle for Dream Island. Although she came off of Season 1 as kind of a bossy-jerky person, Pin became a more friendly and funny person in Season 2. However, it is worth noting that in Season 1 Episode 25, she encourages the idea of executing Leafy for stealing Dream Island, and in Season 2, Episode 5a, she tries to kill Leafy with a knife, but misses and hits Puffball's Speaker Box, which, after Puffball was revealed as the prize winner, and that her prize was to remove all of someone's limbs, cost Pin her arms and legs. In Season 1, she was eliminated in Episode 6, and has yet to be eliminated in Season 2. Pin was friends with Leafy possible Bubble, Coiny, Spongy, Needle. Enemies are Tennis Ball and the rest are Team No-name.

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