Tennis Ball is a male contestant on both seasons, Battle for Dream Island and Battle for Dream Island Again.


He is a fluorescent yellow tennis ball.



Take the Plunge: Part 1

Tennis Ball makes his first appearance by telling Teardrop to calm down for more chances of Woody injured since he is made of balsa. Tennis Ball somehow became a qualified contestant, but he failed to stand on the ledge for Flower pushing the contestants down, he was one of them.

Take the Plunge: Part 2

Tennis Ball was chosen by Leafy to be a team mate of the Squashy Grapes. He was considered smart by Leafy.

Barriers and Pitfalls

Tennis Ball ends up being safe with 0 votes. He goes in the challenge with Golf Ball. The duo fails to make it to the end.


  • His OMG phrase is: "Oh my place where tennis balls are created!" as hinted by IDFB.
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