Woody is a male contestant on Battle for Dream IslandIDFB, and Battle for BFDI. In BFDI, Woody competed on the team Squishy Cherries until he was eliminated in "Bridge Crossing" with 9 votes.

Despite having three objects eliminated before him, Woody finished in last place on the first season due to Blocky rejoining in "Insectophobe's Nightmare", Spongy rejoining in "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None", and Flower rejoining in "The Glistening"— all of whom placed lower than Woody originally.

Woody is defined by his fear of almost everything, though this trait would subdue in later seasons. Woody is also notable for his inability to speak in full sentences; he usually communicates through mumbling, yelling, and single words. Once again, he would showcase an ability to speak in full sentences in later seasons, albeit rarely.

In Episode 25, Woody died of a heart attack caused by his fear of the color gray in an Announcer Transportation Device. Due to this, as well as only receiving 266 votes and placing 27th, Woody was unable to join BFDIA. His absence, however, made him one of the characters who were free from the TLC in IDFB.

He is currently competing in BFB on Beep and is now a member of the X Colored Team.

He starred in his own top-down perspective adventure game, Woody's Incredible Journey to the Escape from Eternal Terror.


Woody appears to be a thick piece of balsa wood, which is a type of wood used in crafts and woodworking. Because of this, it is a softwood, meaning that Woody is very fragile (which was started by Tennis Ball.) His outer part is tan-like, while his inside is a beige-ish-taupe. Woody had an orange color with a dent from Bell in BFB 7. He also lost a piece of himself after colliding with Rocky in "Take The Plunge Part 1", in which he never gained back, even after being recovered.


Woody is known for having panophobia (the fear of everything), as is the case in BFDI as he was paranoid and always appeared to be nervous. He also gets picked on and pushed around by contestants like Pin, Blocky, and Flower.

In BFB, however, Woody isn't as paranoid as he used to be and does a better job at socializing with his team. Although he is still known for being afraid and insecure, he seems to have grown more confident over time, even to the point of making his first kill in "The Liar Ball You Don't Want". He is a loyal teammate and tries to be helpful, but his fear often gets in the way of helping his team.

He also mainly either speaks gibberish or doesn't speak at all, but can speak coherently at times.

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