Yin-Yang is a duo that contestant on Inanimate Insanity II.


Yin-Yang is the amalgamation of two characters, Yin and Yang. The two halves have different personalities that contradict each other. Together, Yin and Yang share a body which they are in constant disputes with one another, even over simple tasks, such as what direction to walk or what to drink.

Yin, (the white half) is good-hearted and rational, who's intent is to balance out Yang (the black half), who is malicious and immoral. While Yin is happy to participate in challenges and actively tries to help out, Yang despises participation and typically enjoys the misfortune of other characters, and will lash out and attempt to harm others, including Yin. This difference in character makes Yin-Yang's participation and handiness quite limited, sparking many enemies with others.


  • In real life, Yin is the black side and Yang is the white side. However, Marco Bomono, his creator, has stated that this was a mistake on his part.